Anthony Trama

Anthony Trama

Hi, I'm Anthony

I'm a developer living in San Diego and have been making websites for over 15 years. I started as a designer / developer, but my focus shifted primarily toward development years ago.

When I'm not writing code, I'm usually remodeling my house with my wife, traveling (the picture of me was taken in Lucerne, Switzerland) chasing my son around, or spending my Sundays watching the Steelers trying to wear out our 3 year old lab, Sonny. Hey, priorities change...but I still eat at least one cheeseburger every week. Take a look at my latest work, what I'm writing, or just say "hi".

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The Divine Comedy of Asynchronous JavaScript

Gustave Doré - Dante Alighieri - purgatorio - Plate 9 (Canto III - Charon)

When I was in college, I took an entire class dedicated to the Divine Comedy. I don’t remember very much about it, other than I had little desire to read it and the professor had a thick Italian accent; both of which resulted in this being all that I remember about the book. That, and it had something to do with Dante traveling through hell, purgatory, and eventually, Heaven. So come with me, as we travel through the hell, purgatory, and Heaven of asynchronous JavaScript.

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The new site

The new site is finally done! It’s actually been done for a few months now, but my 11 week old son has sort of thrown a wrench into side projects. If you’re not familiar with Jekyll, it’s a static site generator. Meaning, instead of having a bunch of layouts and config files that run server-side when the user visits your page (which takes time), you compile everything in your dev environment, then ship it to production. So yes, you have a bunch of HTML files, but you only manage a handful of layouts and Jekyll does the job of compiling all those HTML files before you deploy. And all the server has to do, is spit out plain HTML. No server-side processing required. There were a number of reasons I moved from WordPress to Jekyll, namely:

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On to Jekyll!

Today I’m switching my site over to Jekyll. I’ve done a couple small Jekyll projects, but never a full blog and portfolio. And it will have updated projects, since this site hasn’t been updated in years. Plus, I’m hoping to incorporate some posts about my house’s remodel to show where my time has gone the last 2 years. Updates to come…

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