Child Crying

Don't have a fit yet

It happens all the time. You update a file, upload it, and…… doesn’t work!

It’s easy to overlook the easy reasons why your page wasn’t updated. Don’t throw a fit yet, check this Duh Checklist first:

The [short] Duh Checklist of Web Development

  1. Are you viewing the correct page, in the correct directory?
  2. Have you cleared your browser’s cache?
  3. Did you really upload the file?
  4. Was the file uploaded into the correct directory?
  5. Did you save the file before uploading it?
  6. Did you title the file correctly? This includes naming a page .htm, instead of .html
  7. If it’s a CSS file, does your page point to it?
  8. Is there another reference, declaration, or !important rule (CSS) overriding your edit (not applicable for HTML files)

Anything else you can think of? Let me know and I’ll add it!