When I decided to finally update my site and blog, after close to 5 years without a redesign and 2 years without a new post, I initially thought about blowing up the whole thing and starting over. Most people change, for better or worse, over time. Their ascent or descent is gradual. Pedro Martinez didn’t go from a 1.74 ERA and joking about the Yankees being his Daddy to sporting a Phillies uniform while making the NL East his daddy overnight.

Pedro Martinez pitching for the Philadelphia Phillies

“Good thing he didn’t mention the Don Zimmer fight.” Wikimedia photo taken by Flickr member dbking: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Pedro_Mart%C3%ADnez_on_September_8,_2009.jpg

Continuing with the world’s worst metaphor, when a blog goes 2 years without an update, comparing posts is (hopefully) like comparing apples to old, rotten apples. Not that I’m trying to claim I’m a Pedro Martinez caliber web developer. I have better taste in hair.

Since my previous post, I have

  • Learned a few new skills and drastically improved my knowledge of a few languages
  • Started a new job
  • Received a promotion
  • Tied the knot
  • Improved my health
  • Most importantly, won my first fantasy baseball championship

Nevertheless, I’ve decided to keep the old blog posts. After all, there aren’t very many and I would hate to disappoint all the active commenters. Take for instance the guy who knows where I can get a great deal on R0lex watches, the non-bot with perfect English who has SEO secrets that he’s unlocked, or my future bride who is currently living in Russia and just waiting for me to bring her over the “United State of America.” I think it’s good to look at failures and embarrassments. They keep you moving forward; and at the very least, it will motivate me to write more so I can bury those old posts.

So here’s to writing better, more insightful content more often. Or at least bouncing back a little.