While trying to figure out how to win my fantasy football matchup with my ragtag group of second stringers, I noticed the page I was on seemed to have some sort of bug. So, like any sports fan, my first instinct was to open Chrome’s Dev Tools and see if I could spot the JavaScript error. Yeah, there were a few, but what I really noticed was Yahoo’s free, easy, effortless recruiting tactic. The following message appeared right at the top of their console log

Like poking around in code? Like fantasy sports? Yahoo! Fantasy Sports is currently hiring both front and back end engineers. If you’d like to get paid to do what you love, drop us a resume at [email protected], and let us know where you found the e-mail address!

Screenshot of Yahoo Fantasy Football

The lineup may be ugly, but the console log is just brilliant

Seems like an easy, no-brainer way to find niche developers (remember, Yahoo asks you to mention where you found the email address). I don’t think other industries such as banking, communication, healthcare, etc. would benefit in the same way Yahoo may from this, but if you’re looking for developers who use your product, why not give this, or something similar (i.e., adding a similar comment in your source), a try?