Anthony Trama


Yahoo’s Cheap and Sneaky Recruiting Tactic (it’s a good thing)

While trying to figure out how to win my fantasy football matchup with my ragtag group of second stringers, I noticed the page I was on seemed to have some sort of bug. So, like any sports fan, my first instinct was to open Chrome’s Dev Tools and see if I could spot the JavaScript error. Yeah, there were a few, but what I really noticed was Yahoo’s free, easy, effortless recruiting tactic. The following message appeared right at the top of their console log

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…And Boom Goes the Dynamite

When I decided to finally update my site and blog, after close to 5 years without a redesign and 2 years without a new post, I initially thought about blowing up the whole thing and starting over. Most people change, for better or worse, over time. Their ascent or descent is gradual. Pedro Martinez didn’t go from a 1.74 ERA and joking about the Yankees being his Daddy to sporting a Phillies uniform while making the NL East his daddy overnight.

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The Web as a House

JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, PHP, JSON. People who don’t work with the web every day, and sadly some who do, usually have a hard time understanding the difference between all the web jargon they come across. I’ve found it very useful to use the house analogy in the past. It’s not perfect, but it certainly helps others understand what goes into a website. So the next time your boss or client asks why you can’t just build your whole website with JavaScript, hold your laughter (for a few minutes) and give them the house analogy.

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Freelance Tip: Charging Hourly vs. Per Job

When I first started, I found it to be a hassle to track minutes every time I worked on a project; sometimes I only had 15 minutes to work on something. So I began charging by project, but I found even more problems with project-based pricing; so here’s my advice to beginner freelancers:

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